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    Are You Worried about Mold Growth in Your Building?

    Are You Worried about Mold Growth in Your Building?

    While it may not seem like a big deal, mold can cause serious health issues for certain groups of people, such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly. It is crucial to take steps to prevent mold growth at all stages of production, including at your facilities, retail locations, and storage sites. Before discussing prevention strategies, it’s important to note that mold can grow in a variety of environmental conditions. There are many different types of mold. Mold can thrive in areas with favorable conditions for its growth, so it’s important to be vigilant in preventing its development. As a Toronto resident, if you are worried about the growth and improvement of mold in your home, you can ask for help from the professional and experienced team at Weaver Eco Home. Backed with years of experience and expertise, those working at this company can professionally diagnose mold existence and growth in your home and stop or treat it sooner than expected. 

    Are You Worried about Mold Growth in Your Building?

     What Is the Reason for This Problem?

    As you may know, different reasons lead to mold growth in your building. However, it is undeniable that some of these reasons are more significant. In the following, we will explain some of them. 

    Moisture is a necessary condition for mold growth, so it’s important to manage any sources of water that may be present in your living or working environment. This includes addressing issues such as leaks, heavy rainfall, or accidental spills in a timely manner to prevent excess moisture buildup. Even something as simple as drying walls and tiles after a shower or bath can go a long way in preventing mold growth. By staying vigilant and taking quick action to address any moisture issues, you can help ensure that your living or working space remains free of mold.


    Mold growth can sometimes be caused by structural defects in a building. Unfortunately, these problems may not become apparent until the mold has already developed. To prevent mold growth, it’s important to conduct regular inspections of your home or building for maintenance issues, such as loose roof tiles or broken guttering, which can contribute to excess moisture. By addressing these issues promptly, you may be able to prevent mold growth from occurring. Additionally, you may notice other issues during these inspections, such as moisture collecting on pipes in bathrooms, which can be easily remedied to prevent mold growth. Overall, taking a proactive approach to maintenance and problem-solving can help prevent mold growth and protect the integrity of your building. 

    Another way to stop mold growth is to go through attic insulation. In this way, all cracks and holes will be blocked. If there is attic insulation, it may be necessary to do old insulation removal and replace it with a new one to make sure about its effectiveness. Air sealing is also another way of taking care of your home structure. 


    Finally, if you are not sure whether mold is growing in your home or not, you can ask a professional team to come and help you. When it comes to mold inspection, the expert does all necessary tasks using advanced tools to know how to help you if needed. 


    Save Money

    Adding attic insulation ensures you don't lose your heat in the winter and your cool in the summer. Your A/C and furnace units work less and cost you less on your energy bills.

    Government Rebates

    Saveonenergy and the Green Ontario Fund are offering huge rebates on home efficiency upgrades. You can receive up to $5,000 off for improving your energy consumption, including your home's insulation!

    12-Year Warranty

    Weaver Attics offers an industry-leading 12-year warranty on insulation, so you can be sure that your investment will last headache-free for many years.

    Free Top-Up

    If you notice your insulation settled lower than you expected, give us a call. If it's lower than it should be, we will top it up and add extra insulation for no charge.

    Carbon Footprint

    Increasing any part of your home's efficiency helps the environment by reducing energy consumption and reducing your household's overall carbon footprint.

    Prevent Damage

    Not having proper attic insulation causes mildew, wood rot, and interior water damage in the winter, and can cause roof/shingle damage in the summer.

    Increase Home Value

    Having adequate attic insulation is almost an expectation for housing resale. Ensure you get top dollar for your house when you sell by having the best insulation possible.

    Increase Home Comfort

    Eliminate winter heat loss and summer cool air loss through your attic. Attic insulation will help remove cold/warm spots and make your home more comfortable.

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