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    Using Baffles in Attic Insulation

    Baffles are flow-directing panels that provide a path for air entering your attic. Baffles are designed to prevent vents from getting clogged and provide the proper airflow into your attic. To eliminate moisture and regulate the temperature in your attic, you should install baffles in your attic. Additionally, baffles are also used to insulate your roof deck from the attic. They are essential for cold winters, especially for those who are living in Ontario. It is worth noting that the condensation develops when insulation meets the roof, and therefore, possible condensation on roof decks can be avoided through effective baffle installation in every cavity.

    Basic Functions of Baffles

    We also install an exterior top plate seam with a blocker and air sealing, which provides our customers with the following benefits:

    • Improving air circulation to control the temperatures
    • Reduces moisture in the attic air and roof deck
    • Preventing heat and air loss, to enhance your comfort
    • Prevents blocking the fresh air intake in exterior soffits which adds blown-in attic insulation


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