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Basement Insulation Toronto

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    Basement Insulation Service in Toronto

    Weaver Eco Home provides the best service for your basement insulation in Toronto. For more information, you can call us now.

    Keeping your home adequately heated throughout the year, is one of the largest issues in home ownership, and one necessary step is to ensure that your basement is properly insulated. A comfortable basement that keeps the cold and damp air from the ground out of the home can help improve the energy efficiency of your home and keep you comfortable all year round. Weaver Eco Home, as one of the leading insulation and ventilation providers, delivers the best services regarding basement insulation in Toronto and will guarantee your comfort and peace of mind.

    The main sources of the airflow in your home are the hidden gaps. We use a mixture of some specific materials, including caulk, single expanding foam, and two-part spray foam insulation, to fill in the gaps. We perform air sealing to improve home energy efficiency. We air seal the following areas in your home:

    • Hatches in your home
    • Top or ceiling plates
    • Dropped soffits
    • Recessed lighting
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    Save Energy with Insulation Service

    Saving energy means saving money on your home energy bills. Heating the basement is a large drain on the furnace during the winter, causing it to work harder and stay on longer. Hot air naturally rises, and the basement lies below ground level. So, the basement can become quite cold if it is not properly insulated.

    Basements can have drafts that form in small cracks or around any windows and doors. These can be protected by properly insulating the basement. If you aim to decrease the amount of your energy bills and increase your home energy efficiency, do not hesitate to contact Weaver Eco Home to get the best basement and attic insulation services in Toronto.

    The layer of insulation around the walls will keep the temperature from fluctuating, and will also help to keep the heating and cooling energy within the house. This creates less work for the heating and cooling systems and will lower energy usage and the bills that come with it. It will also protect any personal items that are within the basement from the damages of fluctuating temperatures.

    Air Quality and Condensation

    Limiting the air exchange from inside the house and outside of the house can help to limit the condensation and the moisture in the air which has the possibility to accumulate within the basement. Too much moisture in the air may cause mold to grow and water damages throughout the basement, which can ultimately lead to health concerns for the family, including increased upper respiratory infections. It is important to ensure that your basement has been sealed correctly and insulated. To meet this purpose and ensure the whole family’s health, you can always trust Weaver Eco Home for mold prevention and other required services.


    There are government rebate programs available for homeowners who are improving the energy efficiency of their home with insulation. At Weaver Eco Home, we track these rebates and can help you get the most money back for your investment. Home energy audits in Toronto, provided by Weaver Eco Home, also helps you keep your home energy-efficient.

    Professional installation service for your basement in Toronto

    To ensure that your home is appropriately protected, it is important to our team that we ensure your insulation is installed correctly and that the right product has been used for your situation. We offer professional installation and ventilation in Toronto which ensures you have the right product. If you are not satisfied, we will check the levels of installation and add extra where needed to ensure your home has the insulation that it needs. Book your consultation now to find out what your basement needs to be properly sealed and well insulated.

    Eco Friendly

    At Weaver Eco Home, we offer environmentally friendly options for your insulation, to ensure the everything we use is safe both for your home and for the environment. Your carbon footprint will reduce when your basement is sealed, as energy is not being lost through gaps or drafts. Homeowners can also rest assured knowing that we will protect the environment even further with our products. If you need to consult with our team for the best services regarding basement insulation in Toronto, please contact us.


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