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World-Class Home Energy Audits in Toronto

Here, we proudly work with a team of experienced energy advisors who utilize state-of-the-art tools to increase energy efficiency and provide useful information to help you have a more comfortable home at affordable rates. Contact Weaver Eco Home now to consult with experienced and dedicated energy advisors in Toronto and the neighborhood.

In Need of Home Energy Audits in Toronto

Home energy audits are an advanced & certified service offered by Weaver Eco Home to perform energy evaluations using the latest technologies and standards. Wear Eco Home is where you should start if you prefer to take significant steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Make a phone call at +1 (833) 932-8371 to arrange an Toronto energy audit with our well-reputed office.

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    Conducting an Energy Audit

    According to Consumer Reports and ENERGY STAR, a home energy assessment should be the first step towards energy-saving home improvements for the following reasons:

    • All your home systems will be checked and controlled
    • The right energy efficiency and savings solutions will be found for your investment
    • In addition to energy efficiency, health, and safety will be applied at your home

    What Does an Energy Audit Include?

    Generally, expert home energy audits include the following in a 3-4-hour appointment:

    • Attic inspection, crawl spaces, basements insulation, and ventilation services
    • Checking for natural gas leaks, carbon monoxide at your home, and water heater exhaust
    • Evaluating the heating and cooling system
    • Blower door testing to measure and comparing the indoor air quality and the total amount of drafts at your home
    • Identifying the missing insulation with thermal infrared scans and locating drafts and air leaks
    • Testing indoor air quality
    • Comparing the findings your home with ENERGY STAR standard (Evaluation report)
    • Offering the best available energy efficiency rebates, financial options, and tax credits


    If you want to find the right energy efficiency, promote greater health, and improve your comfort at home, Weaver’s home energy audit is the best solution in Ontario. Here, we will provide you with a comprehensive range of services, including air sealing, attic insulation, mold inspection, and removal. Please get in touch with us to achieve more information in this regard.

    Conducting an Energy Audit
    Energy Audit


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