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    Everything to Know Before Sealing Your Home

    Most homeowners look for effective and practical ways to increase their home value. There are many different technologies to make your home more comfortable and environment-friendly. One of the most popular things that many homeowners demand these days is an air sealing system. If you want to improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and health state, consider air sealing. You can ask our experienced technicians at Weaver Eco Home about the effects and benefits of air sealing if you need a detailed, completed guide. Unfortunately, many still don’t know how air sealing can change the game and bring them the comfort and peace they’ve always wanted. Furthermore, some myths and misunderstandings about air sealing systems make homeowners hesitant to make the right choice. If you are curious about air sealing systems, their benefits, worth, costs, and technics, please read this article!

    What is an air sealing system?

    Unlike what you imagine, there are many gaps throughout your home. These gaps, nooks, open seams, and crannies can lead to a significant amount of energy waste, making your home inefficient. Air sealing can seal those parts of your home to control the airflow and make your home environment pleasant. It’s hard to find the problematic parts of your home, so a professional energy audit is recommended before sealing it.

    Why is recommended to seal the attic?

    Natural and sealed airflow can significantly help you to prevent mold buildup and waste of energy. Your attic is one of the most critical places to seal to block air leaks. Attics are one of the biggest culprits to unwanted excess airflow that can significantly change your home when sealed. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to upgrade your attic insulation before sealing your attic place. Air sealing and attic insulation are the best possible combination, giving you outstanding results. It explains why removing your old attic insulation can help you improve the function of the air sealing system.

    What type of attic insulation should you choose?

    If you want to seal your attic place, upgrading or changing your attic insulation may be necessary. No matter if you want spray foam insulation or cellulose insulation, you should make your decision based on your needs after consulting with a professional.

    Which parts of the home should be sealed?

    Besides your attic place, it’s highly recommended to seal your basement and foundation too. If your basement is insulated, you need to remove and replace the basement insulation to get the best results. Some specific parts of your home should get sealed, too, including leaky windows and doors, especially in older homes.

    What are the benefits of an air sealing system?

    • Mold prevention – as we mentioned, blocking air leaks can prevent mold and mildew buildup. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for the mold removal process later, which can save you money and energy.
    • Better indoor environment – the most crucial benefit of an air sealing system is providing a pleasant indoor environment to enjoy your time with your family.

    Air sealing is definitely worth your time and money as it’s considered a valuable investment, paying off comfort, energy efficiency and home value.

    Save Money

    Adding attic insulation ensures you don't lose your heat in the winter and your cool in the summer. Your A/C and furnace units work less and cost you less on your energy bills.

    Government Rebates

    Saveonenergy and the Green Ontario Fund are offering huge rebates on home efficiency upgrades. You can receive up to $5,000 off for improving your energy consumption, including your home's insulation!

    12-Year Warranty

    Weaver Attics offers an industry-leading 12-year warranty on insulation, so you can be sure that your investment will last headache-free for many years.

    Free Top-Up

    If you notice your insulation settled lower than you expected, give us a call. If it's lower than it should be, we will top it up and add extra insulation for no charge.

    Carbon Footprint

    Increasing any part of your home's efficiency helps the environment by reducing energy consumption and reducing your household's overall carbon footprint.

    Prevent Damage

    Not having proper attic insulation causes mildew, wood rot, and interior water damage in the winter, and can cause roof/shingle damage in the summer.

    Increase Home Value

    Having adequate attic insulation is almost an expectation for housing resale. Ensure you get top dollar for your house when you sell by having the best insulation possible.

    Increase Home Comfort

    Eliminate winter heat loss and summer cool air loss through your attic. Attic insulation will help remove cold/warm spots and make your home more comfortable.

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