Old Insulation Removal Toronto ​

Old Insulation Removal Toronto

Old Insulation Removal Service in Toronto

When upgrading or renovating a home, it is a great time to check the current insulation and ensure that it is still working and has not suffered any damages such as mold or mildew forming, moisture build-up. You should also make sure that your home insulation has not become old to the extent it no longer works to its full potential.

It is easier to check for damages to the walls and the structure once the insulation has been removed, and it can speed along construction on renovations, as well as protecting your health when old or damaged insulation is removed. Weaver Eco Home can practically and precisely check your building’s old insulation and provide insulation removal in Toronto if required.

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Why Remove Old Insulation

There are various reasons to remove old insulation from your home. Over the years, insulation options have changed significantly, and the older materials are not as energy-efficient as the newer ones. Besides, the insulation can settle over time, leaving gaps in the coverage. It also has a risk of containing asbestos or other harmful materials that are no longer used. Like everything, insulation can break down over time and become less effective, or it can be damaged by water leaks, condensation, cracks in the foundation, and many other possibilities. The only way to check the health of your insulation is to inspect it. You can always count on Weaver Eco Home experts to install new attic insulation in Toronto after removing the old one to make your building more energy-efficient. If you need consultation for removing your insulation in Toronto, please contact us now.

How Is the Old Insulation Removed?

Different types of insulations are removed in different ways, but it is always best to have professionals, such as Weaver Eco Home group to remove old insulation. Due to the age and the makeup, it may be harmful to the health of those who are untrained, and professionals will bring both protective equipment and commercial supplies to remove the old insulation safely. In some situations, a specialty company may be required for mold prevention where some molds or asbestos are found. Our professionals can inspect the insulation in your home and find ways to safely remove it, and prepare for the new insulation to be put in place.

Benefits of Removing Old Insulation

Once the old insulation is removed, it is easy to inspect the structure of the home. In basement insulation, there can be cracks that have formed in the foundation of the home, which allows moisture to enter the house or mold could form on either side of the insulation. The only way to check is to take out pieces and inspect them for signs of damages. If there has been a house fire, the insulation can be damaged and require replacement. In some cases, old insulation can settle, leaving gaps around the walls and windows that are not protected and cause the need for air sealing. Removing older insulation can be a gauge to tell the help of the home and to see any potential health concerns as well as needed upgrades. If you need some help for removing your insulation in Toronto, please call us.

Weaver Eco Home has trained professionals who can assess the insulation of your home and how well it is doing its job and offer ideas or products to improve the temperature in the home through basement insulation and whether it needs to be removed and replaced. Book your consultation soon to have your home ready for the next season. 


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